Weekend Motivation 97

Today while I was gardening I saw a bird coming and going out of the dense over-grown shrubs I was cleaning up. As I got further into it I found a Chickadee nest so I moved elsewhere. I don’t know a whole lot about birds, truthfully they kind of freak me out sometimes for no logical reason but I’m pretty sure it was a chickadee and Ornithologist Google seems to agree. They must be hatching soon right? The heat of the summer is totally here now!

The garden I was working in had been neglected for almost a decade but it will make such a perfect setting for these little chicks and their new beginning. You can even see some hydrangea flowers from the huge tree incorporated into the nest. These little guys are about to have a beginning, the garden they live in is getting a new beginning and who knows who else is having one today.

That got me thinking that with so many beginnings happening everyday if you’re starting out on a new journey today you’re probably not alone. I should mention it was just the day before that I started this cycle of half marathon training so maybe beginnings is just where my head is right now. So while you’re out there this weekend if you’re starting something new or not send some energy out to those that are!

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