Bare Minimum Half Training 2019 Update 4: Birthday Week and Procrastination

Ugg this week!!! Not my strongest training week in the history of training. I need to spend some time seriously thinking about the fact that I want to do this and that means I have to do the work. This week was my birthday and my sister’s birthday which in my defense does make it a busy and fun week, but it was more than that. There was always something right in front of me that I wanted to do more in the moment. Since I am working a bare minimum plan with a big bike ride every week which is shorter with fewer workouts the individual workouts are getting harder SO MUCH faster. In the past I’ve been able to coast for the first few weeks. The other thing is there are fewer workouts so overall it SEEMS like it’s going to be easier to fit everything in. I need to start scheduling my weeks like I have in the past and making it much closer to my top priority, after all there are only 5 more weeks before the taper. But my mom registered me for the half as a birthday present so hopefully that will make me get all team serious about it going forward. It’s real ya’ll I’m running a half at Maritime Race Weekend this year! So here’s how that all played out. PS if you want to stay up to date with me throughout the week check out my instagram.

Wednesday: Speed work was on the schedule today and I really planned to do it given I had put my bike ride off from the day before already. Honey let me choose the dinner spot (he usually does) and I picked pizza so I could eat one slice and then have more when I got home. Anyway… I had plenty of time and a concrete plan to get it done but I ate over half the large pizza instead. Needless to say running was off the table at that point. So bike ride instead? I hate letting a week get away from me like this because then what I have to do stacks up, stresses me out and affects my mood.

So I hopped on my bike for 25k and explored a local park I’ve never got to check out in the past. It turns out there is a beautiful beach there too. I just got the cassette on my road bike replaced and by the end of this ride it seems like it needs some more grease. It was a great ride, not as fast yet as I’d like to be but my over full belly didn’t hold me back on the bike at all.

Friday: Birthday day!!!! I got up REALLY early and knocked that 8 km of speed work out of the water. I had a very short night the day before only about 4.75 hours of sleep so the idea of getting up at 5 something sucked. Honey likes to plan my birthday and I didn’t want my longer run to interfere with his plans. When I don’t get enough sleep it can make me a bit nauseated and that was a thing but I pushed through it. Part of my run didn’t track on GPS though and that sort of sucks, like, did it even happen then? It was a pretty good workout and I was pleased with my time.

Saturday: Friday night I didn’t get a whole lot more sleep with all the birthday excitement. I was so tiered all of Saturday and I had to drive to the city twice, plus it was hot which doesn’t help. We’re working at a friend’s house this week so we hung out and had a fire and pizza after for a couple of hours and I was decided on the fact that maybe this was a listen to your body day and skipping my shake out was the right idea. But we stopped and hung out with the kids for a bit and they gave me a burst of energy so I re-decided to capitalize on that. Didn’t feel awesome with a full belly but now it’s done. Since it was only a 5 km shakeout it was pretty manageable.

Monday: Since I prioritized working and having fun over running on Sunday that meant that I was running bright and early before work on Monday. Yuck and a long run at that. I did wake up at 6 on Sunday with the intention of getting it done but I wimped out. So up at 5:30 on Monday too. Needless to say I was tiered. I’ve been a bit bored this training cycle so far and unmotivated but still getting it done. In the past I took comfort and pride in running the same route just a little further each week. I’ve decided to head in a new direction for my long runs this year in an effort to keep things fresh from this point forward. I did have a bit of a win though, when I read how far I had to go it was actually a km shorter than I was thinking so I felt a bit like a school girl playing hooky! It was a bit of a tough run but not impossibly so. 

Overall this week wasn’t a great one but they can’t all be. However, it made me realize that if I want this, no matter what plan I’m working with there is no half ass-ing it. Next week I’ll let you all know how this week’s training went and post in the comments if you’re doing you’re 1/2 or full or whatever training along with me! You can download my bare minimum 1/2 marathon training plan here!

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