Weekend Motivation 113

Hi there, 2020 I see you off in the distance there! Today got me thinking about next year. We finally picked up our new-ish truck and that’s pretty much been on the table as our next big thing since the day we got our old one. Now that’s behind us it’s time to start planning for and thinking about the next big change. Not tthat we should start on that in earnest today though. But sometime next year we’ve got to make a concrete plan.

It might seem crazy to make a conscious choice to decide something like a year in advance but if you’re serious about something big that’s the way it’s got to be for most. The reality is if you are going to make a big change there is a lot of mental and physical work to be done before that ever happens! Same as any big changes you want to ring in for the new year. It might seem silly to say that about getting fit and or healthy but it’s not really. Hitting the ground running its one way to go but starting slowly now is a way better path to success.

So what if your goal is to get healthy and fit for sure this time in the new year? Seems simple enough right? It is but there is still lots to consider and figure out and starting now really is crucial for your success. Right now you could be doing simple things like creating a go to collection of healthy simple recipes, scoring workout wear on sale, trying workouts that might stick or building a support network of blogs and groups that inspire you to stick with it. Some changes that will be necessary seem simple enough but in practice they are really hard to make a reality. Say you vow you will get up early, go to the gym and cook your own meals instead of getting take away. Easy right? Well that awesome change actually requires you to get up at least an hour and a half earlier each and every day and actually do things straight away, hard things like stirring. Plus you’ll have to make sure you adjust your night time routine accordingly. I would suggest you’ll need to do this every day, even when you’re not going to workout to really make it work. If you were to work on altering just your sleep schedule starting now you’d already have that time available to workout and feed yourself on day one.

Start noticing now what little things in your life need fixing to support that goal. What alternative can be found for time with friends besides drinks and diner? How will you eat a lunch at work that your excited about without falling back to the cafeteria? If the kids schedule is jam packed already where will you capitalize on time to get moving? During your busy months at work how will you stick to your goals?

Even if you don’t end up lifting a finger or spending a dollar before January 1st there is still lots of mental energy to be done. Think about how you’ll adapt your life to find the time to workout and spend more time in the kitchen. Having a really clear picture of why you want to make this change over time will give you the motivation to stick with it. Just having a mental to do list or a support network ready for day one really sets you up for success. If there is a big change for you on the horizon give yourself the best shot by starting to prepare for it now. Really think about the day to day realities of what that means starting now. Perhaps a long walk this weekend will help you clear your head and get you started in a big way!

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