Weekend Motivation 140

I think we can all feel a little put upon from time to time and think “I have to do this all by myself”. Or “this is all up to me.” I know I can! But when I take a step back and look around there are probably lots of times other people feel that way about my level of help too. Mind you it takes me a minute to get there! Now that we’re all stuck at home you might feel that way a little more than usual. Parenting, working and teaching are actually three separate full time jobs. Add to that being a constant chef and cleaner could be something you might hire out if you could and you knew you’d have to do it three times a day!

So if you’re feeling that way and maybe having some words about that feeling right now I’ll bet money that you’re not alone. In fact it might be hard to escape that feeling right now! So let’s work on that. Try really hard to take that great big giant step back and see how someone is handling all of something for you. I know it’s a big ask. You could also reframe it. Maybe it’s all on you because you’re the one that can handle it. Maybe it’s because you’ve got the mad skills. Maybe everyone else considered it and decided you were pretty much the best at everything.

On the other hand doing it your way does kinda rock so does being able to do it all on your own. You get to make the decisions, set the priorities and you don’t have to negotiate along the way. Remember if you want help it’s not unreasonable to have to ask for it. Being able to do a lot of things all on your own has its benefits too besides that. Sometimes you get to feel invincible when you handle something you didn’t think you could. The more you do on your own the more unstoppable you really are! So if you can find some time this weekend to get active, get into a better headspace and revel in the fact that it is all up to you and you got this!

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