Weekend Motivation 143

Admittedly this isn’t the best picture I’ve ever taken but I just couldn’t resist. The caption is pretty cliche too but how could you put anything else on it? In the summer we work really, really hard but when we do get some time off to enjoy the season the perks of our job means we head out in the boat to Clam Island. It’s a tiny little island where the wind is always pleasant and the water is always calm on the backside. Because of that boats flock to it in the summer and people tie up together and enjoy the summer. The vibe is really chill and you can show up hungry and thirsty and leave watered and fed almost any day in the summer having had a great time and maybe even meet a new friend. It means so much to me and honey that we even got married there last summer and it was the perfect place to choose.

Last summer we pulled up one Sunday afternoon to see this. A speed boat had pulled up to the beach a high tide and the occupants probably set off on an adventure on the island. As the tide receded they had no choice but to extend their stay until the next high tide roughly 12 hours later! They took it in stride, they had a cooler of snacks and beer after all and took the opportunity to clean the bottom of their boat! Everyone there, and there were many, teased them a bit and clapped and cheered when they finally launched hours later! It was pretty amusing to see for sure.

A lot of people and places are getting back to work now and things are starting to re-open. As that happens you might want to think about the local businesses that you’ve missed the most and head there first. Even if the local fancy grocer isn’t where you can always spend the majority of your budget for the week if you can it might be good to funnel some extra cash there in the next few weeks before returning to normal. The big chains will survive no matter what but the little guys might need to play some catch up. The other thing to consider is still maintaining as much social distance as you can. Sure relax a bit and bring some enjoyment and contact back to your life but Covid hasn’t gone away entirely. If we all still keep our distance in lines, do more picnic take outs and avoid hugging everyone we know we can do a lot to prevent a second wave. The sooner things get back to normal the better for the whole economy but how long it stays open is really important too. We’re lucky that we were able to keep going and working and some people are even saving fat stacks of cash these days but not everyone is that lucky and no one wants to spend the whole summer with Netflix! There are a few things you maybe technically allowed to do again like go to a movie or play, stand right next to people in line, run with all your friends, or gather with as many people as you like but maybe don’t. Spend time more time with more people but give them their space.

So this weekend even if you’re allowed to do all sorts of risky things consider skipping a few or most of them if you’re privileged enough to be able to. If a situation looks risky and no one seems to care it’s okay for you to be the one who does! Let’s all get back to enjoying life but keep adapting to this ongoing health crisis as much as we can because even if it doesn’t matter too much to you remember a rising tide does raise all boats!

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