Weekend Motivation 147

Patience is one of those things that comes naturally to literally no one. But being a patient person will make your life easier and more pleasant almost every day. So why are some people perfectly patient and others let their mood be affected for hours by a long line at the store? Well because those first people actively worked on becoming a patient and calm person. I’ve made some progress but I’m still working on it too. So how do we work on becoming more patient and where do we find inspiration?

I think a great place to take inspiration is nature. One of the things I look forward to and watch for every year is ‘full leaf’ on the trees. I’m always watching the trees in the spring first for signs of buds, then tiny leaves and finally total unfurling. But no matter how much I want to see them out or monitor the leaves progress year after year they come out when they’re good and ready. But guess what eventually every year they do. Night and day always come, the tides ebb and flow and the rain and sun appear to grow our food. The earth doesn’t hurry up to accommodate out schedules but everything gets done in time and it takes care of all 8 billion of us.

We will all have to work to get more patient but mindfulness exercises, increasing your confidence and reminding yourself to stay in a positive place in the moment are all great starts. Dedicating part of your life to moving your body helps a lot too. It takes time to build your endurance, learn the skill required and not everyday is a perfect for your activity. That process does a lot to making us realize that great things do take time. Unfortunately weather happens and whatever your perfect season is you’ll have to wait for that too. Nothing teaches you patience quite like healing from an injury either! So if you need more patience in your life find a physical activity to spend your time on. If you already have, this weekend think about how it makes you a more patient person overall!

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