Weekend Motivation 154

My life has never, ever been so boring and unexciting but you know what this week I realized how much I appreciate that by doing something pretty freakin’ stupid. I picked this picture because is shows an old, neglected, and dangerous wharf in the foreground and a boring old reliable one in the background that’s been maintained. That wharf provided shelter for boats on the inside in any storm and its years and years of diligence that made it that way. Which is kind of a metaphor for what we’re going to talk about today and that is security.

So what stupid thing did I do? Well I can’t believe I’m admitting this to everyone but I just drove the work truck clean off the side of the road. I wasn’t doing anything complicated or technical just pulling into a parking spot at the side of the road. I guess I miscalculated where the tiers were in relation to the side of the slipway on the road and the front tire slid two feet down to the ocean below. Yup, that’s right I almost drove the truck into the ocean. That’s a little dramatic but also pretty true. The truck landed at about a 35 degree angle and one tire was about a foot off the ground. Thankfully I guess the front bumper was resting on a rock wall. I felt that tippy feeling and a few people gathered to see what was going on. They told me part of the tuck was damaged. I tried 4 low and nothing, I guess at least one tire actually has to be on the road for that to work!

I was sitting there stressed and shaking like a leaf. Mean time honey was 4 wharfs down out on the end crib thinking “man that looks like my truck but why is it up in the air like that?” We have since had a talk and if he ever thinks that again he is to come check it out right away just in case! There were three ways this was going to end flipping over which would be bad, getting a tow out or getting myself out somehow. But even as I sat there thinking out all the scenarios and desperately trying to call him I was kinda like ‘you know whatever happens here, it’s fine’. If it flips over well I have full insurance which I found out works out fine a few years ago, my mom pays for CAA so I won’t even have to pay for the tow but getting out on my own (and quickly) would be ideal! What ever damage is done I can fix and I knew no one was going to be mad at me even though getting into this situation WAS pretty stupid.

That’s all you really have to know but that wouldn’t be fair. A nice man told me it should be okay to get out but to close the door slowly, I went to get honey since I knew he would know what to do next and he came to help. I put it back in 4 low and he jumped on the back bumper and as the tire connected with the pavement I slowly lurched out. He was only upset he didn’t take a picture and laughed the whole time! The bumper was mostly okay a few scratches on the plastic part at the bottom and nothing a few zip ties won’t fix.

But as I thought about it (and the last time I flipped a truck on an icy road (17 years ago) I realized how lucky I am. Not even that I got out easily, unhurt and with little to no damage but that I have that kind of security in my life. These are uncertain times in so many ways and so it’s a good time to count our blessings for the securities we do have. Maybe it is your job, that your home is paid off, a great support network, a solid relationship or even a few great friends to talk to. We spend too much time worrying about the things that aren’t reliable in our lives and neglect to be grateful for the things that are. It could all change in an instant too. So this weekend get outdoors, get moving and find three things in your life that you can rely on right now no matter what!

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