How to Find Out what Google Knows about You (and me)

This post has been on the list for quite a while now maybe 2 years or so but I wasn’t sure that it was interesting to anyone but me. Last week honey and I watched the social dilemma which I totally recommend by the way. He was really into it and it was sparking discussion and all that so I thought why not. Mind you he was snoring by the end of it so… But it’s actually pretty neat. Is there anyone out there that doesn’t have a google account now? I resisted for years but I caved a long, long time ago and so the tracking began. I don’t really have a huge issue with that because if you’re not paying for a product that you are the product. I remember when I first checked what google knew about me years ago I mostly just thought, ‘well this is pretty neat’. So I figured I’d share everything google knows about me with you and tell you how to find out what google knows about you!

I wish I would have learned enough about blogging by now that I could write a post all about that but we’re not quite there yet. Maybe soon. But looking at Sweat Sweetly’s analytics it’s clear that search really is google. Well over 90% of searches done that lead to this site are from google. Google won’t tell me what you searched for that led you here this is not true for all search engines. I wish I knew but it will have to remain one of life’s many mysteries for now. To that one Bing searcher out there, I see you too! So as we all go along google is learning all about you, mostly to target ads to you and maybe your search results too. Remember this will be across all google owned platforms including YouTube.

How to find out what google knows about you

  • Click on your picture on the google home page and your account
  • Then on data and personalization 
  • Open the ad settings under add personalization 
  • All those little bubbles are things that goggle thinks you’re into

You can turn this feature off and especially if you’re into privacy you might want to spend some time in your account settings turning off tracking features. Personally I think it’s worth is to have my search results and to an extent even the ads I see customized to me.

What google knows about me

So a few notes, not that many really, but I’d like a moment to explain. When it comes to YouTube I obviously watch what I like but I exclusively watch content there while I’m writing at night or applying my makeup in the morning. That’s not to say I don’t like the things listed but mostly it’s fluff content. Sometimes if something is too interesting I have to save it for later when I can pay attention. So makeup, beauty, interior decor, fashion and hair care, (Brad Moto) come from that. I think credit cards, parenting and maybe dating come from specific you tubers that I love but not for those reasons.

In the interest of doing less photoshop editing later I’ll put it out there now that it looks like someone with multiple personalities made my playlists so yes I’m into pretty much every genre. When it comes to movies we watch pretty much everything and it makes sense that action and adventure is at the top of the list because we usually watch more honey movies than Alliy movies around here. But I’m in it for the story not so much the genre. So with that said let’s lay it all on the line. This might turn out to be an about me post that’s beyond my control. With a few exceptions it’s pretty accurate really. Here’s what google knows about me!

Does it creep you out that companies can build this sort of profile of you or do you mostly just accept it? Is your profile pretty accurate? What was the creepiest thing they figured out about you? Leave it in the comments below!

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