Weekend Motivation 163

Things are always changing and staying the same. Recently I had to drive about 4 hours to pick up a load of siding which wasn’t great but if was for our house, so it stung a bit less. But the drive took me down a road that’s full of childhood memories for me. That road is always a little bitter sweet. This picture is of a mountain spring that always fascinated me as a child. I’m not sure I can really tell you why that is, but I always looked forward to seeing it. Maybe it was the moss and the crumbling that made me think it was enchanted. Ten year old me was always thinking things were enchanted. I don’t think I ever told anyone about my fascination though. On this trip I wanted to stop and take a picture but I was a little disappointed that it had been redone. It didn’t look enchanted at all anymore!

I still stopped and took a picture though because why not? It’s a spring off of a mountain that apparently people have been drinking from for hundreds of year. The redo included a sign so now I know. But it got me thinking, it was after all a long slow drive, most things in life are always changing and yet staying the same too. People change and our circumstances certainly do but who we are and how we feel is pretty static. You’re either a risk taker or you’re not. You’re someone who forgives and forgets or you’re not. Relationships change, hopefully for the better, over time but we stay colored by our history together too. Even when you totally renovate a house with an unlimited budget certain things just can’t be changed. An old house will always have some quirks no matter the money you spend. 

I think we need to accept that to a certain extent in life. Probably more than most of us do. That doesn’t mean we can’t make huge changes in the right direction but it means that we have to let go of the perfection or nothing mentality. We have to give that space to others too. We don’t have to excuse truly bad behavior but if someone or something is vastly improved yet short of perfect that can be good enough. At least for now after all things are always still changing. This weekend get out there, get moving and notice all those things that are changing and all those that just seem to stay the same. Think about how you’re just like that too and take some time to see the positive changes in someone who’s important to you.

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