Weekend Motivation 206


Most of us have to work for a living, I know what a drag! At least sometimes it is. In our house we both work hard, often a lot more that 40 hours a week and rarely just 5 days but we’re lucky to work for ourselves and generally really like what we do. The last week or so it has been just that a bit of a drag. We had a series of pretty good winter storms last month. They were serious but nothing earth shattering. We haven’t had a good one for about 5 years though so there was lots and lots of damage with these three. With the kind of work that we do we sometimes stand to get a lot of work off these sorts of storms. This time it’s been trees, so many trees!

After a storm like this there’s a lot of tree work to do. Not only for the people that have them fall down but also the people that spent the storm nervously looking at the ones that didn’t. One of our customers with a large property had about a dozen come down and there were at least that many more that had to go along with them. Here’s the thing about cutting trees after a storm… any one that sees you doing it has a tree or about 30 that need to come down too. For about a month we’ve been cutting big, gnarly spruce, dragging brush and splitting wood. By this week, everyone was over it! It’s not that we don’t like doing it, it’s pretty fun to light big fires, fall big trees and a great winter workout at the same time. It’s also work that helps people, needs to be done and is pretty dang profitable. I actually really like it but it’s just gone on way too long!

That and some posts online got me thinking about the nature of work and how I want the people who work for me to feel about it too. I know that I’m in a pretty lucky position to love what I do and often where I get to do it too. Honestly, I spend most of my waking hours puttering in the best parts of properties I could literally never afford and I’m doing something most people view as a relaxing hobby. Of course it’s not all sunshine and roses, I guess it kind of is, but there are pretty stressful business parts too. When I see posts online about people hating their jobs and working in terrible situations it makes me realize that I never ever want anyone who works for me to feel like that. But this week I get that sometimes it really is mostly about getting it done and going home.

Now that our current tree marathon is over it made me realize how lucky I am not to feel this way each and every day. I’m taking some time to think about how I can make work better for those that help me this year. That includes paying people well, making sure they have what they need to do their jobs, showing my appreciation and keeping it as fun as I can. I even have some new ideas to help with that this year too.

You might think I’m going to say take some time this weekend to think about the things you love about your job and that’s not a bad idea either. Instead I’m going to say think about how you can make the jobs better for those around you at work. Even if we’re not the boss or a senior staffer we usually do have someone on the job that we have some influence over. I’ve been the senior grad student to undergrads, the returning lifeguard or even just the server with more years of experience at a wedding that was out of hand. We can all do something at work, even with our co-workers, to make the whole experience better for them and by extension ourselves. Take some time this weekend to think about what those things are. After all we spend more time at work than doing almost anything else in our lives we might as well try to make is better for everyone!

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