Weekend motivation 209

We’re all getting older like every single freaking day! As time passes we change physically we get wrinkly, things tend to spread and the grey hairs come. That part is inevitable and really nothing to be upset about. The other thing that happens as we get older is that we slowly but surely stop doing new things and having new experiences. We hang out with the same people, doing the same things and that makes it way harder to keep growing as a person.

It’s not like this weekend I have a novice skydiving lesson and intro to German class booked or anything. I can be as stuck in my ways as the next person. I mean who doesn’t love a good every single Friday pizza night? But whenever I have the opportunity to do something new I try to make the time to do it. Honestly honey is pretty good at bringing a lot of the new things energy into my life. That could mean doing my first night race, taking on a new challenge at work or maybe someday learning how to back up a trailer. It doesn’t have to be glamorous but I would argue it just has to be new!

Doing something new or new things consistently, does a lot more than just pushing us out of our comfort zone. Being uncomfortable and trying anyway builds character and makes us appreciate the skills of others even if we kinda suck. While it is good to start with little things trying something new and big is when you really can change you see the world. I would also note that I doubt its possible to branch out and not have that change be in the right direction. Basically it makes you a better, more fulfilled person.

Most of us aren’t going to go out seeking new experiences every single week but we’re presented with them more often than we notice. Take some time this weekend, maybe walk in a new place and resolve to be open to new things going forward. You never know where those new beginnings will take you.

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