Summer Fitness Finds 2018

Alright I know I might be late to the game for summer, but the sales on this stuff are ripe for the picking right now. Our summer while not over has been the most humid on record and it’ll either be the hottest on record or the second hottest and that was before August was half over! I was training hard this summer up until July 15th at least and I’ve been busy since then too! Just check out my Instagram! As for the late to the game thing well these are legit things I discovered this summer and not a bunch of sponsored links so that took some real world learning. I didn’t think I had a whole lot until I sat down to write this one but it turns out I discovered a bunch of cool shit this summer! So here are the things I discovered this summer and a few I knew about but they’re too good not to share!

Coiled plastic hair ties

These were discovered by a combination of total mechanical breakdown on two occasions and desperation. Like most girls in the world I has a stash of those cheapy elastic hair ties, but some of that stash is a few years old now and still where I left them and I know where that is. Weird right, I’m as shocked as you are so this next bit might be due to age. On two separate hot runs my elastic seemed to stretch and slide so a re-hair-do on the run was in order needing an extra loop around. Both times I broke both of the elastics I was using in the process and I was running with completely free hair. Don’t judge this next bit because I know you would do it too. I started looking for a discarded one on the ground! These suckers are everywhere, hell I saw two leaving the grocery store on the ground today and I got the closest spot to the door. But on those runs none to be found!


So I made the switch to those new coil plastic ones. At a buck or so each they are not cheap but they are not very breakable and boy do they stay put. Get one of these suckers and you’ll never experience the dreaded ponytail slide ever again! I had concerns about these since my can be tangly hair but that has never been an issue. Get em, try em and keep these suckers safe!

Jasmine ponytails

I cut my own hair because well why not and I cut in some shorter face shaping layers on top and around my face. In my mind at least it’s a bobby-ier version of ‘the Rachel’ only updated and I wear it better. As it grew out during half-marathon training this spring I even put off cutting those short layers, the source of the sass, back in for running ponytails. Before olympic training started I couldn’t take the bland bob anymore and I cut them back in. But there was all sorts of hairs in my face while running again. peehhhwww!

As a kid my mom did my hair this way and one day I thought hmmm, that might work even though it’s not that long anymore. Subsequently I read about it on a running blog and it’s the shit! Gather the short hair around your face only at the top of your head and secure with an elastic, I use the cheap elastic version for this one and the next one. Then take the next section of hair and do the same including the tiny ponytail you just made. Finally secure the rest of the hair and the whole upper lot tail in another elastic, for this one I use a coil elastic. The more sections the tougher it is and if you keep that bottom one low you can wear it under a helmet or swim cap. Toughest exercising hairdo that’s super easy by a long shot. Kicks a French braid’s ass all day long! I surmise it got it’s name form Jasmine in Disney’s Aladdin.


Fruit of the loom socks

I struggled with blisters towards the end of half marathon training and I put it down to my ‘regular’ socks. This sent me out running for two pairs of $18 socks which did help clear up my blisters. As an impulse purchase at the local drug store I picked up a pack of these fruit of the loom socks. As soon as I put on the first pair I knew these were something special. While not quite as awesome as my Asics, Nike or Under Armour socks which retail for about $20 a pair they are fully decent for your regular runs. They are lightweight tight fitting and wicking, plus the colour is hidden enough to wear them for life. Over the years I’ve tried and do use all sorts of cheaper sports sock options including ones from Joe Fresh, Peds and a few other brands. None of those really cut the mustard and you won’t be seeing them on this list like ever. If you happen to see these in your travels pick up a three pack or two I promise you will not be disappointed!

Melmerby Beach Triathlon

Are you toying with the idea of trying a triathlon but it just all seems too much. That the pressure and the seriousness of it all freaks you out consider this race. First of all it’s not a sanctioned event so if you’re looking to get to Kona this one isn’t going to help you but it’s still pretty awesome. Since it’s not sanctioned there is a chiller vibe which makes it a good atmosphere to get you past the starting line. Don’t worry you’ll still have the full triathlon experience and there are super serious kids there. I figured on about $350 000 in bike porn among the 180 or so participants so that’s serious!  It’s held in the stunningly beautiful Melmerby Beach Provincial Park so that in it’s self is worth the trip, your spectators will have so much to do between the surf, the 2 km beach and the trails they might forget to cheer you on at transitions. Plus the closest town is New Glasgow which is cute enough and incredibly inexpensive to visit. So if you want to travel to it this race won’t break the bank. Check out my exhaustive race recap for lots more info!


Medium Ziplock Bags

Over the winter I upgraded to an iPhone 6s, I know so behind the times! I also got a big Mophie charging case for it. In the past I’ve used little generic store brand zippy sandwich bags for my phone if it should rain on my run. Now my 6s and case won’t fit in those anymore. Turns out there was a box of ziplock branded medium bags in my pantry, how did those get there? They fit my phone perfectly and that double zip technology if far superior for moisture protection and I’m sticking with it. Brand name zippy bags are worth the $3 splurge!

Running skirts

Not a new discovery, I’ve known about this one for a while but if you haven’t tried a running skirt you got to! It’s one of the very, very few gendered advantages we have over the boys in sort and life generally. Not only are they super cute, and they are better performing than shorts. Usually (always?) running skirts are a combination of shorts underneath and a skirt cover. That extra layer of fabric means that your running belt only moves that outer layer leaving your shorts firmly in place underneath. They are the perfect fast drying option for modesty and swimming at the beach over the tiniest of bikinis and you don’t have to save them for running only either. Some look cute on the street, adorable in yoga class and overall you’ll feel less exposed wearing a teeny tiny running skirt than tight shorts of the same length! Pick one up and give it a try before it gets too cold!

Joe Fresh gear

Last year Joe Fresh gear was on the list too both the ladies and if you’re smaller like me the kids department. All the stuff I said last year is still true plus you can collect PC Plus points on it and about 20 minutes after it hits the shelves it seems to be marked down. Sizes run large in this brand so that can be flattering or be ready to try the kids department. I for example take a large in the kids sports bras not even an extra large but I’m not exactly gifted up top although I do have pretty broad shoulders. My half outfit was from joe fresh this year and even though you can’t tell My sports bra matched too!

half top and Mesh cut out pants my Joe Fresh. I got hot unexpectedly in training one day so I rolled them into shorts.

Fake Pink Champagne

On a whim honey bought me a bottle of fake pink champagne and I decided to save it for after my long run that weekend. I started to make it a treat after big workouts. I mentioned it in my spring fitness finds too. I want to mention it here again for my other skinnier ladies. After expending so many calories a whole bottle of fancy grape juice can go a long way to replacing all those calories. Same is true for hydration. Whether pink champagne or not consider adding a calorific non-alcoholic drink to your post hard workout routine if keeping weight on rather than taking it off is more or your concern.


Bike Pump

I had two pike pumps one for my road bike and one for my mountain bike both of which were missing attachments I think. Then honey bought me a new and affordable one at Canadian Tire of all places that has no detachable bits and one end that fits the mountain bike and the other that fits the road bike, how easy is that? It’s only got one negative review but I disagree. It goes up to 120 psi, Would say more like 100 psi, but… It turns so it’s easier to pump and one tool for two bikes is great with me check it out here (not affiliate).

Screen Shot 2018-09-02 at 11.35.52 PM copy
Schwinn bike pump

Skull candy ear phones

I have had the same pair or ear phones for, wait for it, OVER A YEAR! In the past I’ve been known to replace my earphones every couple of months, sometimes one rainy run and they are done. Every once and a while they even go on to electrocute my earballs just a little bit. This is actually my second pair of skull candy earphones and the other ones lasted about 8 months which is pretty dang good in my experience. I can pick these up at almost any grocery or drug store and they go for about $20. These ones even survived 21 km of pouring rain at Bluenose this year unscathed. I still like wired ear phones for a few reasons, tying your phone to things like poles for selfies, I fear change and it’s the nicest to you battery for hella long (3 hour plus) endurance sessions. I like these earphones in particular for a number of reasons as well, sound quality is fine, long cord means they reach on the bike even from the seat steam bag, the narrow jack cover fits in my case with out an extender, the bud style stays in my ear and obviously the durability. Pick up a pair if you’re in the market.

I decided to save you the sight of mine covered in ear wax, you’re welcome!

I did fins some pretty cool stuff this summer and like always it’s mostly not going to break the bank. A little late i know but go out and look for sales! What cool new thing did you discover this summer?

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