Weekend Motivation 114

Everyone says to live a life with no regrets right? Well I hope they mean the big stuff because I regret something pretty much every day. Something like sleeping in, forgetting to put on deodorant, a poor left hand turn, getting suckered in by yet another makeup launch, being too hard on myself or overcooking honey’s pork chop. Today specifically I regret one specific sludge hammer swing that I spazzed up and jammed my left index finger into a stud and not cleaning out our junk corner years ago. There’s probably more but it was a pretty productive day overall. These are regrets that are pretty easy to live with, the finger though sore is pretty good for how gnarly it looks by the way. I think we all have bigger life regrets too and I think those are the tough ones everyone cautions you against but that’s not what we’re talking about today until the end…

One thing I literally never regret is getting a run or a workout in. Not at 6 am, not at 10 pm, not in the hot sun, not in the rain and not when I’m kinda sick either. A run always seems like an accomplishment and adds a shine to the day! I was thinking about it and I can’t think back on a single run (or workout) that I regretted after the fact. Some days it complicates my day, the odd time it has caused some tension, twice I fell down and still I never ever wish that after the fact I’d done more of something else that day. There are however lots of days I regret not getting a run in even though I meant to or planned on it. Rest assured even though I train for a big race every year and have a fitness blog there are lots of days I don’t get my workout in even though I meant to. Skipping when I could have gone is something I do regret on the regular. Though that regret still doesn’t feel great that day I do make it through it!

But… skipping all the time so that you have to say “I used to be a runner” or putting off getting started in the first place well that can turn into one of your life’s biggest regrets. Once you’ve been diagnosed with some sort of health condition you will regret not getting on it sooner. At a certain point being really unfit can hold you back and creates it’s own set of regrets. It is really almost ever too late to get started based on your age alone. Someday though your health may not allow for it. Personally I regret taking as long a break from fitness as I did and believing my own excuses at the time. If you lead a fully sedentary life I believe at some point most people will regret it. So this weekend do something surely won’t regret and get moving!

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