Weekend Motivation 118

If you just keep doing what you can do right now your life will stay exactly the same. If that’s cool with you then that’s cool with me, you can go do some more Christmas shopping now. I know more than a few of us are thinking about new years resolutions now and maybe making some big changes in less than a month. Some of us might even be thinking about accomplishing some long standing hopes and dreams in 2020. It sounds like a year designed for clarity right? For example you might be thinking “is this the year I’ll finally run a marathon?” Or that could just be me but I am doing it a lot.

Can I do that now? Umm that’s a hard no. I can literally do half of that and that’s it. But there was also two times I couldn’t run a whole km without taking a break and now I can run 21! I have so many examples like that in my life and so do all of the people in my life. So I’ll spare you all the examples for now. But instead we’ll talk about when taking that first step can seem a whole lot harder. That is when you’re starting something entirely new. For me this would include things like servicing my own car, doing actual hairstyles with my hair or hunting. I’d pretty much be starting from scratch on all those things and it’s intimidating!

Starting on a fitness or weight loss journey can be a lot like that. Letting what we can do right now dictate how we approach things is so limiting. Most of us get new skills because we have no other choice really. But getting fit isn’t something you’ll ever be forced to do. You might never win the cross fit games, you might never even get really great at cross fit but the chances are basically 100% that you will get better than you are now. This weekend while you’re walking on your way to running, breast stroking on your way to freestyle or doing a few knee push-ups on the way to lifting heavy think about all the things you’ve accomplished and gotten so much better at in the past. Getting fit is no different. You got this!

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