Weekend Motivation 119

Some of you keeners may have picked up on the fact that I haven’t been running lately. Since September My left foot/ankle has been acting weird. I’ve decided to be the only runner that takes their own advice and actually stay off of it as much as possible. Well except for that one trail race and another run. Staying off of it as much as possible is a little bit laughable right now as we’ve been working 7 days a week for 3 months now. Even on driving days on this one I’m still comfortably hitting my 10 000 steps. So that means healing will definitely be delayed this time. And that’s okay. After a couple of running breaks and a couple of injuries I know I’ll be back at it sooner rather than later, plus 15k registered in May!

It’s actually been feeling stable if not a little better over the last two weeks or so and I’m starting to think about testing it out with a short slow run soon. Which brings us to today’s theme, ‘any day can be a great day.’ I’ve been desperate to get back at it and ideally in shorts on a freakishly warm October day. That ship has sailed a while ago now. But when the time is right I won’t be waiting for the perfect day. If I wait for that perfect day it will likely be in spring and I don’t want to miss all the runs in between. Some of them are bound to be awesome!

We can all put things off that really need doing waiting for the day to be just right. The truth of the matter is that that day might never come. Any day could actually be the right day, even today! This weekend find something you’ve been putting off and think about what really has to be in place to get it done. I’ll bet that something short of the perfect day will do!

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