Weekend Motivation 120

I took this picture during my last half this September at Maritime Race Weekend which was just named the best race in Canada! Way to go, you definitely deserve that golden sneaker award! It’s a great picture but it just didn’t make the cut for that race recap. It’s exactly the picture that you would expect to take running along the coast in Atlantic Canada, a lobster boa hauling traps. It’s actually now lobster season where I live now and we have a point just like this in front of my house. So it’s a scene I’m looking at all the time for the next few months. But there is more going on there than meets the eye now that I look at it closer.

We can all fall into the trap (pun intended) of just letting time pass us by. The seasons and the reoccurring holidays come around every year and year after year. You do the same things with the same people every year, then for 5 years and next thing you know a decade has passed again. Not every day or every month can contain something over the top exciting but I think every year probably should. If you wait too long you might just miss out.

We never knows what lies just around the corner and even when we do we can still ignore it for a long time. If I didn’t run at Maritime Race Weekend this year I could have the exact same experience next year right? Well yeah, probably times a tickin’ but I’m not close to the end of my running days just yet! But look at that shore a little closer there are all kinds of signs of some serious signs of costal erosion in this picture and on the course as a whole. You can see that some trees have started to fall in the previous week’s not all THAT bad storm and many more have fallen and died at the edges in the past. In fact you can see where big chunks of the land have and are falling away. Look even closer still you can see that that those rocks at the base have been placed there since they’re not round.

Even with that sort of big intervention the point is still washing away. There were other places on the course too where huge amounts of rock had washed over the road and been cleared. Taken together that means some day the road will have to be moved further back or have to be reinforced with rocks or concrete that obscures at least part of the view. Some day you won’t be able to run that race and see exactly what I saw. Will it be soon probably not but the wrong storm with the wrong wind and it could change in a day. Our beach has had to be built up with rocks twice after a storm destroyed the road twice. Now we hear rumblings they are not doing it a third time.

If you’re thinking about living a dream of yours it might be time to think about checking it off the list. While you’re out there this weekend promise me you’ll at least think about it!

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