Weekend Motivation 127

Are you a year round outdoor runner? If so you probably have a favorite running season and one that is decidedly not your favorite. Winter, mine is winter and no I do NOT need to think about that! I know a lot of people love fall most or spring but I love me a good summer run. I love being warm and feeling the sun on my skin and how my hair lightens just that perfect amount. I love the outfits, the views and plunging into the ocean when I’m done. It’s a short season that I can practice swimming, biking AND running in impossibly perfect spots and all from my own yard! Trust me I know that makes me lucky but I love it all none the less. Winter however is a three month sufferfest but I do it anyway. Why is that?

Here’s the thing running in the winter is good for me in so many ways. the consistency keeps my knee happy, my springs aren’t starting from nothing year after year and if I stand at just the right angle in just the right light in February there might still be the shadow of an ab muscle, maybe… It helps me get my dose of vitamin D, helps me mentally get through January (which is tough every year ya’ll) and keeps me healthy. Given unlimited time I could go on about what running year round outdoors does for me but I don’t want to fill up the whole internet. Plus come early spring I’m ready to crush it!

Yesterday’s run was truly terrible and not because it was a bad run or I didn’t want to go. I’ve been coming back from an injury and we’ve been 6 days a week busy for months now, so every run these days is a gift. I was also exploring a new place while I was getting some work done on the truck. Which I only mention because it’s literally my most favorite time to sneak in a run. I mean it just makes so much sense right? So I had a good run but it was like the wind was hitting me in the face repeatedly, it was well below zero and the windchill was around -15c. Contrary to the picture hanging out on my instagram of that run right now in addition to my hat I had my buff covering my head (secured by my bun) and everything but my eyes and my hood on. I was wearing two pairs of pants and two shirts under that jacket one of which I pulled over my hands as my gloves were woefully insufficient. Plus the wind kept knocking my phone over from the ground during that picture! My eyes were tearing under my glasses but I was also laughing at the conditions too, not that anyone could tell.

I’m betting that I’m not alone in loving winter training less but I encourage you to do it anyway and applaud you if you do! One of my favorite ways to got through it is to actively find the humor in my misery as I go. While you’re out there this weekend remember that but also the bigger why of why you’re doing it!

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