Weekend Motivation 128

Sometimes we lament being put into a certain box by others. The truth of it is that more often than not we are the ones putting ourselves there. Both in terms of letting ourselves be put in a box and just finding our own box and crawling on in. You might be expecting the next sentence to be no one can do that to you unless yo let them but that’s not what’s coming. Sometimes you just have to do something because it’s practical or responsible or because it’s just easier to get along. I mean it is pretty much what we’re talking about when we say adulting is hard right?

Well that might have taken an unintentionally dramatic turn it’s still relevant to where we’re going. Even if you have to get to a certain destination in a certain about of time there are still choices along the way in how you get there. And of course there’s always more than one possible destination! It could be as simple as having to do laundry because you need more clean socks but you also have a training run scheduled. You could stress out, stay up late washing, buy more socks or even hire a laundromat to do it for you. I guess you could even wear someone else’s socks. That sort of thing is happening to most of us all the time for little things and bigger things!

It’s when we let go of that idea that there’s only one way to get to that destination that we feel boxed in. So with training season jus around the corner lots of us will be adding one more thing to out lives. This year start thinking now about all the different paths through obstacles and to your destination and avoid that boxed in feeling.

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