Weekend Motivation 129

Valentines day is special no matter who you are. I know that’s not always a popular opinion but it is mine. Sure, I get the argument that it’s a commercial holiday and no relationship comes down to just one day but celebrating love is an idea I can beg behind. We do celebrate the holiday in a little way with presents and lots of heart shaped red themed food. It’s pretty special to have someone traditionally special to celebrate with it certainly isn’t the only option.

If you find yourself on your own, with a box of wine say, find a way to celebrate something YOU love. Remember though no one says you have to celebrate your love of something else. You could pick up a favorite craft, run your favorite route, call your mom or celebrate your love of food with your favorite meal. It’s been a while since I was alone for the big day and I do remember it to be a little sad. If all else fails just celebrate your love of you! This weekend make some time and find something you love, be mindful and find a way to celebrate your love of that!

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