Weekend Motivation 130

Guess what we’re about 7 weeks into 2020! Isn’t is crazy that almost 15% of the year is past? If you’re still with your new year’s resolution congratulations most people have given up by now and you didn’t so that rocks! There is a significant non-zero chance that resolution was to get fit. There is also a chance that even though you’ve been sticking to your routine you might also hate it. Here’s the thing though you don’t have to stick with that routine forever.

That routine has done you all sorts of good but it might be time to branch out. That routine has done you a lot of good, it’s made you committed, it’s already made you more fit and it’s made you carve out time in your life to make fitness a priority. However it might be time to thank it and let it go if you’re not truly in love with it. Since the weather is getting warmer it’s a perfect time of year to branch out and try new things. Plus with 7 weeks of workouts under your belt you’re way more fit than you were before! If you’re forcing yourself to actually workout it might be time to start planning to shake it up.

The list of things I don’t want to do is long and contains whole categories. Things like soccer, geocaching, lifting, ball sports and walking. All of those things could be fun, would get you fit and might be the perfect thing for somebody else, just not for me. If you’re not loving what you’re doing right now you are selling yourself short. It might take a long time but you will eventually stumble onto an activity that you are excited to do for a long, long time. Here’s another fun fact there is more than one perfect exercise for each person too. A girl (or whomever) needs options.

So this weekend think of 5 things you want to try in the near future to mix up your fitness journey if you’re not loving your current routine. Even if you’re currently loving your workouts resolve to come from a place of yes when a new opportunity presents it’s self. You never know right?

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