Weekend Motivation 134

There is no reason to freak out but there is also no reason to dismiss the recommendations of public health agencies because you are young, fit, healthy or this probably won’t hurt you even if you do get sick. If you don’t have some sort of expertise in virology AND work for public health there’s probably no reason for you to post things on social media that get people riled up either way. Here’s a picture of a cat that hangs out at my favorite abandoned house on my regular route for social distancing inspiration. I would guess he is fed by someone but just prefers to chill alone. I’d like to think of it as social cohesion and physical distance since we are actually all in this together, just further apart.

Okay rant over. This is also a time for growth, progress and caring for others and yourself. It can be a time for humor, togetherness, reflection, kindness, creativity and innovation. We’ve realized this week that our life in general is pretty much pandemic ready and that’s kinda funny. We’ve been saying for a year that we need to get out and do more and maybe this experience will finally make that happen but later. We have a few friends and family members who are in high risk situations at the moment. Others that we know are the type to go stir crazy with social distancing measures. So my heart goes out to everyone right now. Despite all the crappy stuff going on in the world it’s even nicer to see people doing what they can to help others and even just listening to the recommendations and getting creative.

This time we’re lucky that this has very little impact on our life personally. That wouldn’t have always been the case for us. When I was in grad school not being able to get to campus would have caused me to lose all my work, and months of my time. It would have cost me at least a semester’s extra time and thousands of dollars in tuition I just didn’t have. A three week march break with no daycares has no effect for us now but as a single parent of 4 I’m sure honey can think back and empathize. There are lots of times I’ve lived paycheck to paycheck as a server and I can’t fathom what I would have done back then if all the restaurants closed. Maybe you’re all good this week watching the kids and working from home but I’ll bet there was a time in your life that you wouldn’t have been the case. Think back to those times because what the world needs now is empathy and definitely a vaccine.

If and only if you can, try to find something you can do to help someone. Maybe it’s organizing a FaceTime dinner party this weekend, anonymously dropping off some basic groceries to someone’s porch or putting together a list of Netflix hidden gems for social media there is a place for your contribution right now. If you can’t that’s okay too. Instead spend some time dedicated to making your situation better for next week. Prepare some meals in advance, plan some stuff for the kids to do or reach out for help if you need it now or you will in the future. So far in Canada at least I’ve been really impressed with how all of us citizens, governments and corporations alike have come together. All of our big banks have vowed to work with small businesses, utilities have suspended disconnections and everyone for the most part seems to be following the good advice from public health.

I also think we should all take some time to reflect on that this weekend too. In a time where you could argue the world is more divided, communication more toxic and trust is at an all time low than ever before we have all come together as well as we have. I’m proud of my government, my community and my friends and family for taking this seriously and working together. Stay positive folks!

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