Weekend Motivation 135


Wow, I’m pretty sure that if you got a bunch of experts together and asked them if we were all capable of making the changes we have all been asked to before all this they would have said no. Are we capable of those changes, well that remains to be seen. Remember though we’re all depending on it. I live in Nova Scotia which was early to close down a lot of businesses and issue isolation orders even as we were late to detect our first case of COVID-19. As of right now we’re up to 73 cases in about a million people all of which are travel related except for one today. I’ve been impressed with our province’s response and our country’s overall that might have been community spread. It’s been a strong but measured approach and as they have rolled out restrictions they’ve been just as quick to roll out aid packages. For now we are totally within the rules to go running or spending time the way we like to outdoors in groups of 5 or less. I know lots of people aren’t able to do that right now and I get that that must be very hard.

For now at least we work in an exempt industry from the 5 person gathering limit, though we work mostly as a group of 3 only sometimes 4 and we are expected to keep our distance as much as possible. As a little family here we’ve been really focused on all the things we don’t have to change. It’s not that we don’t have to make some changes to follow the rules and the more to go beyond ‘just the rules’ and do all we can. But it’s been really helpful to focus on all the things we don’t have to adjust to. We work and live together for now in an empty house and often in a boat or on someone’s lawn outside their house. When we come home we cook dinner at home and chill on the couch for a few hours. Honey’s favorite thing to do is shoot youtube videos of him playing with his remote control toys and I love to run or bike on my own. If things get worse I’ve been meaning to set up my bike trainer before the cold weather is totally over. So that means that for about 90% of our time we don’t have to make any changes. Well that’s not totally true but that’s how we’re choosing to look at it for now.

So this weekend hopefully you can still get out there and spend some time moving your body in the great outdoors. Rather than dwelling on all the things you’d like to be doing but can’t focus instead on all the things you love to do that you still can. If all else fails make yourself a Croquembouche and that should eat up pretty much all of Saturday!

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