Weekend Motivation 136

Things are pretty tough out there now. If you haven’t lost your job, had a loved one get sick or have been missing your friends and family yet I’m sure you’re still worried about it. This weekend I want you to think about human nature, the stuff we’ve been through as a planet before and some personal sources of strength. Humanity has been through a lot of challenges before like wars, previous pandemics and famines. We got through it collectively every single time. That doesn’t mean that it wasn’t hard while it was happening and it didn’t change the world forever afterwards. We will get through this too! The other thing to think about is the universality of the human condition. No matter if you’re part of the greatest generation, a millennial or a generation Z people are and were always the same at their core, they just didn’t have facebook. In my city in 1954 the announcement that the war was over caused a mass riot which was rife with looting and violence. Three people even died! While liquor was the most popular choice about 700 business were damaged. Some people kinda sucked back then too.

All indications are that this is going to go on for a while and it may very well get worse before it gets better. That can mean a lot of things distancing measures may get worse, you might get sick and you might even lose someone you love. The worry about all that will certainly get worse. We need to start digging in out heels and actively looking for sources of strength, whatever that means for you. That could be getting into nature, reaching out for contact, celebrating ‘wasting’ time or consuming positive messages on purpose. That’s why I picked trees for this image all of the strength of the tress is in the roots which you can’t see and they are remarkably strong! It’s time to actively start thinking about things that inspire you to feel calm and tough all at the same time. Pick one thing this week to add or delete from what you did last week over the weekend to make this week better!

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