Weekend Motivation 146

While life is not totally back to normal it is slowly getting back to normal. Large parts of the economy are getting to re-open and that means lots more people are getting back to work. Parts of our social lives might even be able to resume. This break has been a lot of things many of them not so great but it has been a break and a reset on some level for most of us. Outside of a global event like this sometimes we do get a natural reset point in our lives. It might be a job loss, breakup, illness or something else not so great but those points in our lives do provide a point where resetting things is more possible.

Most of us have had our schedules upended recently and with that came some healthier and maybe unhealthy habits. Whatever happened for you happened and that’s totally okay. Take a moment and take stock of the things like drinking more, sitting more and way too much comfort food that you want to leave behind. But there are also a whole host of potential things you might want to take forward with you too! Maybe you started exercising more, reading more, spending more quality time with your family or cooking from scratch during the last few months too. You might have even have saved a whole bunch of money too. Some of those things would be great to keep with you going forward.

Whether you’re getting back to a full schedule or finally getting some time to yourself for many of us right now we are at a point where a reset is possible. Think about the things that you want to change and leave behind and the stuff you definitely want to make space for going forward. We all have an opportunity right now to make some changes and it would be a shame to miss this moment to design a better life going forward. This weekend think about the things you want to keep and the stuff that got amplified that you want to leave behind. It’s fine that this moment has changed you and now more than ever people will understand. Don’t waste this new beginning on an old mistake!

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