Weekend Motivation 148

We are getting into our truly busy time of year, 12 -14 hour days and all the days it’s not raining. Even when we’re efficient with our time there are always a couple of other places we should be. Truthfully we need to be busy this time of year just in case we aren’t in the winter and we are both much happier with something to do. We thrive on it really. Things are also different this year, so there is no training for races, no Saturday morning market and no big family gatherings so why not just work more? Here’s the thing as much as I like to have some fun, if left unsupervised I’ll get a couple hours of work in or sign up for a race. But occasionally I do feel like I’m missing out on some great moments once and a while.

There are so many nights that would be perfect for a bike ride or paddle that I’m gardening or moving staging from place to place. I’m often saying “I’ll try to make it but I probably have to work”. Right now I’m thinking about whether it would be weird to chase down a wagon ride in progress if I happen to only be able to make it late. Right now I’m thinking it would be a run and an outing… Sometimes I do feel like I’m missing out, weekends are a thing for a reason right?

But that doesn’t mean I don’t have great moments I do get to participate in. Often my ‘office’ is a boat in the ocean on a hot day in a bathing suit. There’s always time for my boss to take me somewhere along the way for a swim! Almost every single day we get to picnic on million dollar properties we could never afford and the people we work with are just the best! A lot of what I do I would do for free anyway. It’s also a great workout that makes me very fit and healthy. Shhh. Don’t tell anyone! I consider myself lucky that as hard as I work I usually have energy left for other stuff too. So if an opportunity presents itself I’m game.

Here’s the thing most people can’t and don’t get to do all the things they want to do especially when they want to do it. It might be work, family commitments, health issues or financial resources holding them back. I consider myself lucky that what’s limiting me is work I love to do and not something like missing work to care for a sick loved one. So if you’re feeling badly for yourself remember most people are in the same boat even if they don’t post about it on social media. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the moments you do have though because those are special too! Last week I went for a sunrise run and the apple blossoms were still on the trees. That’s pretty special because all it takes is a light rain or wind to knock them off. As simple as it is running at sunrise next to the ocean with all the trees in full bloom is a pretty awesome moment! It’s honestly a moment that might not happen again for years. There are lots of great moments along the way to what we have to do that are just out of this world all you have to do is look for them!

A lot of the “wow, this is pretty great” moments do happen for me at work and even more when I’m out in the world working out. So this weekend while you’re out there exercising, working or just doing all those life things you have to do find a few great moments in the mix I know they’re there and you’ll find them if you just look.

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