Weekend Motivation 156

Wow, it’s been a busy weird summer right? Now it’s just past the middle of August and it seems like summer is coming to a close. We have a few projects coming to an end at the moment a wharf, last winter’s big reno, 5 weekends of a chimney a weekend and well a little deck we threw in for good measure. I finished up with one of my clients for the year too. All that hard work has paid off though and we’ve been able to accomplish a whole lot. We were able to sneak in a crazy amount of work around our house, do lots of things for others we love and do some really nice things for each other but it does sort of feel like summer is running out.

Here’s the thing it’s not though. The days are still long, the weather is great and the water is warmer than it has been all summer. I can vouch for that I’ve been in it all week! There’s still lots of time for bike rides, long runs, evening swims and even the odd paddle. But that doesn’t mean that you should keep putting off your summer fun for too much longer either. I’m reminding myself that I’ve been consistently running in shorts into November the last few years, It almost never freezes or snows until Christmas anymore and fall in general is pretty great too!So this weekend take some time to make a list of all the things you still want to do this summer and maybe even cross one off the list!

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