Weekend Motivation 157

There’s a saying “Lightning never strikes the same place twice.” It’s a nice saying but it’s categorically untrue. It’s meant to inspire us to seize opportunities because we might not have them ever again. That’s pretty much a false notion as well. It actually strikes the same tall object or even open area again all the time. I took this photo, the second pretty cool picture of lightning in the exact same spot during an electrical storm this week. Here’s the thing we don’t even have that many thunder storms around here.

As catchy as this saying is, it’s just not true. Not literally and not figuratively. There’s not much truth to the idea that you’ll only ever have one chance to make a change, have an experience or accomplish something special. That opportunity either doesn’t actually go away or will present itself again in the future. Sure, you might have to do more the second time around to create those conditions but more often than not the chance is always there.

The idea that moments like this are fleeting and only come around once is dangerous and neglects a lot of our personal control over most things. Almost anything you can accomplish once you can do again. Lately, we might have let things go, fallen out of good habits and into bad ones. Personally, I’ve fallen out of the habit of running a little bit. I’ve still been active I just haven’t done as much running as I used to. I actually find it more inspiring to know that since I’ve been an endurance runner for 4 years (over 10% of my life) it won’t be a problem to get back to it. The idea that lightning only ever strikes the same place once suggests that isn’t true and it’s actually a bit depressing.

This weekend think about something you want to get back to or an experience you want to relive. Dive into the conditions and changes you have to make to get back at it. It might be hard but you can create the space in your life to make whatever you desire possible. You can do it and it’s not as rare as you think it is!

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