Weekend Motivation 161

Most of us are still stuck pretty close to home these days and that can feel not so great. Especially if you are used to traveling for your adventures. While I like the idea in theory of traveling we have most of our adventures close to home. People who run their own businesses will likely sympathize if we have enough work on to have extra money and take some time away from work we’re too busy to leave and if we have the time well than money might be tight. Plus I think we might be homebodies we’re just not willing to admit it yet. But we’ve gotten really good at adventuring close to home and you can too!

We really stepped up our adventure level this past weekend with a new to us super impractical not for work boat. We spend a lot of time on the water working and when we’re not working in the summer we head out in the work boat for some fun. I obviously like to swim, bike and run but honey loves to play with is RC’s, hunt and fish close to home too. Getting out on the water with family was amazing this weekend but a socially distant bicycle ride or hike in the woods would be just the same escape. We’re in a moment where it might take a bit more creativity, planning and stepping out of your box but there are still lots of opportunities to escape!

We can look at this moment as an opportunity in how we see adventure. We also have an opportunity to hold on to that. Gone are the days where the perfect escape means hopping on a plane to some exotic local or a super expensive location. Right now that sort of behavior is more likely to get you side eye and not instagram likes. That’s out of reach for so many people for so many reasons at the best of times. We all need time to escape in our lives for our physical and mental health and you know some fun every once and a while. Let go of the idea that your escape and your adventure has to be something hard and expensive to achieve now and going forward. You just might find you have way more fun if you do!

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