Weekend Motivation 164

We live in a place and do the kind of work that reveals to me the power of nature all the time. Even after all these years the power of a good storm can still leave me in awe. This week our rain day turned in to a non-sheduled storm. Not a huge one but the waves and the wind seemed to come out of nowhere. On some level I really do love a good storm. Not the damage it causes of course, but the excitement.

I love when the wind picks up and tells you something big is about to happen. I love sitting in all day in my PJ’s with no expectation to do anything since the power could go out at any moment. I totally love the first rays of sunshine that poke through after a fast moving system. Usually the post storm calm also leads to some pretty dramatic Skys. Like this treat of a sunset from earlier in the week.

I guess you could argue the whole world is sort of mid-storm right now. Some places more than others, but it’s not a long leap. The pandemic is causing a storm for so many people right now and I find myself thinking about that a lot. Where I live we are lucky because it largely seems this storm at least is passing us by, but I know that’s not true for everyone and it could change as fast as the weather. Aside from all the global issues at the moment we all go through some personal storms. When we do all get through this or whenever you’ve just weathered a storm in your life there’s no need to immediately hit the ground running so to speak.

It’s okay to go through something big and just tread water for a minute. Give yourself a break and at least for a while don’t worry about making up for lost time. It’s okay to wallow in a breakup, coast at work for a moment or not tackle a mountain of goals right after you went through something tough. Mother Nature always seems to give us a break right after a storm. Maybe you should give yourself a break too!

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