Weekend Motivation 167

What a difference a week makes! The election has been decided and accepted by all but one. The majority of Americans support that and the rest of the world is relieved. I think that alone puts a lot of hope in the air! But Monday met us with news that barring some sort of dramatic reversal there will be a covid vaccine available to the public very early in the next year. Stock markets are surging (if somewhat prematurely) and a really big sigh of relief has been taken by all. It’s been a great week really!

Still not a lot is known. How will the new president of arguably the most important nation in the world act? Will he be able to get anything done? Will the new vaccine be long lasting or mixed in with our yearly flu shot? Will a booming stock market drive real world improvements for families?These things might seem far off from our lives right now but the trickle down effects could be huge for everyone. None of these points are clear yet but there is finally space in the world for hope. I guess this time it’s coming after the election. These things might seem far off from our lives right now but the trickle down effects could be huge for everyone.

It’s been a rough ol’ year pretty much everywhere this year. Personally I think it’s wonderful that we are all ending it with some hope. After this year it was really all we could ask for at this point. The vaccine alone has given us all a reason to be hopeful. Because of that and independent of that most of us have personal reasons to be hopeful too. Even in our darkest hours usually there is still reason for hope. I don’t think I can overstate how important or comforting having hope to hold onto can be. Now is a time to revel in all that hope! So take some time this weekend and make a list of all the things that are making you hopeful right now and enjoy!

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