Weekend Motivation 169

It’s time to talk about finish lines and commitment. You really don’t get to cross the first without the second. There’s this cycle that plays out time and time again in training. Ask any athlete and they’ll probably agree. At first it’s fresh you’re all excited to start and really in this stage it’s still as easy as it’s ever going to be. Your workouts are still manageable, close to what you were doing anyway and those regular cute workout selfies are off the chain!

Then part way through $hit gets real! The workouts are grueling, long and you feel like you just finished the last one and the next one is already starting. You’re tiered, you’re cranky and well kinda over it. It’s just the same old hard stuff day after day. That’s where the commitment comes in. If you don’t find some you’re going to quit. If for nothing else, keep going for all the work you’ve already put in at this point. If this was important to you then it still should be now. So you keep going sometimes you don’t really want to, but you do.

Then it’s time for the peak period of training… and it’s just as tough as it sounds. But there’s something new here too, that finish line is starting to look SO MUCH closer. You know if you don’t do the hard work now that day still might not come so you double down and get it done. You’ve taken this training so seriously for so long and made so much space in your life for it usually by this point not finishing and crossing that line just doesn’t seem like an option anymore. This is where beast mode comes into play!

That’s where we are now! In the last few weeks we all had a finish line put in front of us by a few Biotech companies. But this is just like training for a marathon or maybe an ironman. Actually what’s bigger than an Ironman? We all have to put our training athlete hats on right now and double down. I know it’s been a long, long time of hard, hard work already but we’ve got to see that finish line and work even harder to get there. It’s not THAT much longer and now at least we have a finish line to look forward to!

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