Weekend Motivation 170

I saw a meme this week that said “in case you’re still keeping track, we are now 5 years into 2020” and isn’t that the truth! I feel like history books of the future will have a whole volume dedicated to this year alone. It was bad but nothing is ever ALL bad. I think that along the way we all had some good moments too. No one who ever got married or had kids agreed to be locked in the same house with their family 24/7 for what 9 months now! That was never part of the deal! But I’d be willing to bet that somewhere along the way you all discovered something great.

It might be a new evening walk habit, board games with your family or actually cooking a few healthy meals at home. You might have also cut stuff out that wasn’t serving you like like boozy girl’s nights out, expensive daily habits or doing perfunctory things just because everybody else does. You might be spending your time more efficiently by catching up with extended family on zoom, actually getting 8 hours (ish) of sleep or meal planning. So not everything that happened this year was bad right?

Did you know that people who spend time actively counting their blessings are actually happier? And even the worst things that happen do have a silver lining. Sure this was absolutely positively a dumpster fire of a year. But… not a year passes without giving us something! As we round the bend of the pandemic (hopefully) and near the end of the year it’s time to take stock of the good stuff. I bet if 2019 you thought about spending THIS MUCH TIME with your immediate family you wouldn’t have guessed it would go even this well. If 2020 was the year that finally broke a part of your life that was hanging on by a thread for a well that’s kind of a good thing too. This weekend find some time to unplug, perhaps a nice walk in a forest you’ve finally explored, and find some good in the year that was!

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