Weekend Motivation 179

This week I was going to write about people going out of their way to basically be big fat meanies but… that didn’t feel quite right. Instead I’m going to write about what made my weekend instead of made it suck for a minute. My work (really all of the things I do) leads me to dealing with all sorts of different people. Counting it up roughly I work for more than 50 different people in a year. (I really didn’t realize it was going to be that high until I counted.) But for the odd exception (less than 5%) they are all great people to work for. But some are a whole level extra of great. One of those really great people sent a text on Friday, at the end of the week when we’re tiered and sore to let us know that we were doing a great job and how much they appreciated us. That felt a whole extra level of awesome!

I would like to say that I too often put that energy out into the world but I don’t really. I’m realizing now that I totally should though. I have done it (like calling a manager over to talk up a great server) but I don’t do it often enough! Right now I’m thinking the new-is guy at the hardware store that always remembers my name, my mechanic and one of my gardening customers really deserve a shout out. So I’m going to make a point to do it way more so that other people can feel the way I felt when that text came in and because I imagine it will make me feel pretty great too. When it is possible I’ll make it a point to let their higher ups know too!

I think this is something really we could all be doing more of. Rather than just a quick “thanks that’s really helpful,” we should take some time to tell them just how their actions went above and beyond and how that made our life easier or better. In other words make sure to say it in a way that the person helping you or just being awesome really hears it! Recognizing and thanking people isn’t awkward even if it feels that way to start. So this weekend find someone (or a few someones) who deserve a special shout out and get it done this week. Maybe don’t stop after that either!

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