Weekend Motivation 180

Life really is full of good things but it also has it’s share of disappointments too. While it’s true that those low moments make the high points much more sweet that’s not the angle we’re taking this week. This year (and really every year) has certainly had its share. Disappointments do lurk around ever corner. They come up in relationships, applying for jobs, trying to change your habits, buying a new house or you know on days that end in y. We all have some big ones in life, like really big ones so literally no one is immune. We’ve all had disappointments that have literally stopped us in our tracks and it SUPER sucks!

The question is often what you do after that. It’s a pretty normal to shy away from situations that may lead to more disappointments after that. Lots of people will continue to let that big disappointment hold them back from taking risks again for way to long after that. But after some healing time you get to decide what comes next. No you can’t decide that you’ll get the next promotion, marry the next guy or win the prize next time but you can decide not to let the potential disappointment hold you back. I would argue it’s one one the most underrated aspects of wisdom and maturity. So next time something comes up that probably isn’t going to work out factor that in but if you still want the shot, go for it!

Here’s my take on it and it is a little cliche, some are true for a reason right? Basically you miss out on 100% of the chances you don’t take and the only person who has no chance is the one that doesn’t try. I apply for stuff I’m pretty damn sure I’ll never get, pitch customers outside my league and set goals that might be a stretch for me. I also do my best to put my all into these things too. In those process I do start to hope and at some moments believe that this thing really might happen for me. I get a little excited along the way. Then when the predictable happens and yeah I’m a little disappointed it does hurt for a bit. We’re all human after all. Sometimes, lots of times maybe another opportunity comes from it or at least some side benefit. Even when nothing comes of it you hone your craft. So I think it’s okay to get dragged into the what ifs even if it’s a long shot and you know it’s probably going to feel sucky for a bit. The next time you’re put into a spot where disappointment seems likely do it anyway you’ll get over it faster than you think and you never know right?

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