Weekend Motivation 181

Are you a risk taker? I’m not at least I wasn’t, I don’t think. One thing is for certain if I’m going to take a risk I’ll be over thinking it for a good long time first. Now there is nothing wrong with being either way, a risk taker or risk adverse. Looking back the biggest move forward moments in my life came from taking a risk. But you know what so did some of my biggest mistakes. Actually what motivated this contemplating a business purchase for this summer, specifically a mulch/utility trailer.

Husband is inherently a risk taker and I’m probably not. Or if I am I think it through way too hard before I ever leap. Honey has been good for me and pushes me to take risks. More so he makes rational arguments in the pro position. Having him in my life really expands my horizons and I think I make him slow down sometimes. If you think about it (which I obviously do) when something works out it’s for the long haul but when it doesn’t you usually recover pretty quickly. I think it’s a good idea to have an idea of where you stand on the risk spectrum. Are you generally someone who needs to slow themselves down or could use a push. If you have an idea of where you fall then it’s easier to think through a future decision and end up with a better result.

This weekend as so many others take some time to think about your relationship with risk. I’d like to add a starting point to that if I could. Think about mistakes you’ve made and some great things that really worked out in your life. I bet all of them started with taking a risk. Knowing that we should take more or maybe skip a few now and then is a really powerful thing!

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