Weekend Motivation 182

You know what’s really boring… planning things out, writing them down and making schedules and spreadsheets. Budgets, label makers and grocery lists aren’t much fun either. All those boring things take time and energy and I too make fun of people who own label makers. What’s wrong with paper a marker and tape? The last year or so has been an interesting one in terms of organization for me. I implemented some simple but well thought out organizational systems but had way less structure in my life with no race to train for. Specifically I bought and customized a fancy planner for keeping track of my time at my side hustle and moved (and color coded) that information into a spreadsheet each night. For pretty obvious reasons I wanted to limit my grocery trips and started meal planning, recently including lunches. Other than buying the fancy agenda literally none of this excited me.

Don’t get it twisted I still don’t label glass jars. Why would you?!? Occasionally I utter the sentence “it’s fine they’ll send me another one next month” when I lose the internet bill… And confession time I only know my cell phone balance when they text it to me, but then I pay more. Here’s what I’m getting at here though those boring changes have really, REALLY worked out for me. I’m pretty confident I gave away $0 dollars and minuets this year. That definitely wasn’t true last year and not starting to think about what’s for dinner at 2 pm is literally awesome!

Summer is around the corner… well its above freezing for the next few hours and I want this summer to be as rewarding financially but… I don’t want to feel like I’m putting me last again. I also want to spend some real time on the boat this year! So here I am planning. I should be able to hop away a bit more this summer which means I can be the architect of how I spend my time a bit more. I’ve made arrangements with a great casual employee I can trust to help me out when I need it. I’m also making a plan to keep my returning clients happy and maybe even grow this year… I just realized today I can set her up for the evening and then go for a run at my favorite time of day, how great will that be! Could a chore chart be next?

So begrudgingly maybe I’m encouraging you to do a few more of those boring things and think about the parts of your life that need it most. Is making lunches in the morning a tornado of terror? Have you ever made celery sandwiches? Maybe making a weekly meal plan, grocery list and making them as you cook dinner just has to happen. Are you skipping important appointments. You can use your phone but nothing trumps a paper planner. Paying late fees on literally all your bills? I won’t judge but maybe take and afternoon off just to set up all the direct debits. Sure it’s boring, totally uncool and not something you really want to do but trust me you need to! First get moving doing your favorite thing and keep your mind on that junk drawer, the trunk of the car or those oil changes you’re always way overdue for and make a plan. Then block of some time (and even some money) if you need to put that plan into action! Getting organized (at least a little) is the best way to take some stress out of every day!

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