Weekend Motivation 183

I live somewhere where there is most definitely seasons. Some (summer) are my favorite and others are less so. I find that my interests and life have changed over the last few years so that now really do spend my time differently as the seasons tick on. One big thing is becoming a year round outdoor runner and a participating in races. For a part of winter realistically once a week is pretty much all I can force myself to do. Our work also varies in intensity over the year too. In the summer when we are super busy and I’m trying to train things get hectic. We eat out every meal, run the dishwasher just because we are out of mugs and tensions can rise because there just aren’t enough hours in the day. But you know what, I love that and I’m excited to get back to it this year!

Obviously right now we’re all awaiting the arrival of spring. Where I live Mother Nature has a wild sense of humor. We have winter, fool’s spring (weirdly warm temperatures for a day or two), mud season and then second winter. Then one day a switch flips and it’s pretty much summer. Fool’s spring is arriving today and that means the calls that will officially start our busy season will start. The first few will be ridiculously early and the answer will be “not yet.” But then people will green light projects after sitting on quotes all winter and new people will call with fun jobs we REALLY want to find time for. Then we’ll be behind until at least September. This winter we had just the type of winter we need. That totally wasn’t the case last winter which means we wen’t steady for about 18+ months. This winter we had steady work but with the ability to take snow days, the odd weekend and short days. And I’m sitting here just rearing to go!

So what’s the point of all of this other than bringing you up to speed? Now that my life changes quite a bit with the seasons I realize how much I appreciate the changes through out the year. Even if you spend almost no time outdoors interacting with nature hone in on what you love the most about each season. That’s true of the weather and how you spend your time throughout the year. If you take notice of those things you’ll always be looking forward to something. In those moments and seasons that are less lovable you’ll also feel like something better is just around the corner and it’s not so bad. Take some time think about the things you don’t love that are about to end and all the great parts of life that are just about to start!

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