Weekend motivation 184

Most of us have a whole other self that is more of a fantasy self than a reality. Walking that line is a delicate balance really. On one hand we hold onto a lot of stuff that is for that fantasy person but on the other hand we don’t do things we want to because we won’t let that fantasy in. I’m probably thinking about this because we’re preparing to let go of one home and talking a lot about building another. Let me give you an example fantasy me would like to hang onto all the fancy dresses I still fit in and like the style of. Reality me gets to wear those dresses about once every other year. Reality me also doesn’t care if my extended family sees me wear the same dress to two family weddings in a row or even the same dress until it wears out. Reality me also doesn’t want to build, finish out and heat a place to store a bunch of dresses either, even if I still look great in all of them. Therefore get rid of more dresses even if I don’t want to. Another example fantasy me would like to do things I’m not doing now. Things like run a marathon, confront people when it’s warranted and treat myself more often. But reality me says ‘work comes first,’ ‘don’t rock the boat’ and ‘saving is the most important thing.’ But if I did some of those things I’m pretty sure I’d be a little happier day to day.

So sometimes we hang on old ways too tightly and others we don’t take new risks. What I realized is that both of those things are all about staying in the same old box. I guess we do all hate change. If you get rid of something you regret you can always re-buy it. If you take a big risk and hate it you can always go back or definitely make it a one time thing. Almost no decision is permanent. Worse comes to worse you can always explain and apologize. Is there a third way or a baby step you can start with? Taking pictures of stuff and a super tight archiving strategy can solve a lot of woes. At one point my fantasy self wanted to do an olympic triathlon, have wicked skills backing up a trailer and get married in something other than white in a just us way. There was a time I didn’t think any of that would ever happen. Now two of those things are true!

Being true to yourself AND indulging fantasy self is really about reality and balance. Reality when it’s time to let go and balance when it’s time to take a risk. This weekend get moving and think about your fantasy self maybe its finally time to let go of the snow shoes. If there’s something you’ve always dreamed of doing stop telling yourself that you can’t and investigate what it would take to do it!

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