Weekend Motivation 199

I’m not a superstitious person as a rule. If the shortest route is under a ladder I’m taking it, a black cat is just that and I’m a regular crack stepper. One thing I do though is wish on things, blowing out candles or 11:11 or 12:34 on the clock merits a wish. Because why not really. Those wishes are always for something beyond my control. It’s usually along the lines of keeping my entire family and all the people I love safe in case you’re wondering.

Other than that I don’t spend a lot of time wishing for things or thinking about things I wish or hope will happen. There really isn’t any point. That’s not to say that there aren’t things I want to happen. I would like more visible abs, for my business to double in revenue again next year and that we find the perfect home at some point within our reach. Lots of other stuff too. But when I spend time thinking about those things I’m thinking about action steps not wistfully thinking. Here’s why it really does take just as much energy to wish as it does to make a plan. I would argue that it also feels better to plan than it does to just wish.

Because when we wish for something its almost like we acknowledge that we don’t think it will happen, like we don’t think it’s really possible. When we think about what steps are necessary to make it happen well then there is a possibility that it will happen. All those things I might have wished for above are pretty big asks and yes it would be wonderful if a magic wand somewhere was waved and it all showed up in the morning. Ten out of ten would not turn that down but it’s not just going to happen. Here’s the thing though all of those things can actually happen and I can do lots of things to get them started. Rather than just hoping someone, some how just gives us the perfect house I could hire an agent, set an alert for new properties or save enough that we could afford to carry two homes for a while. Those aren’t even all of the options for finding a new place to live! If I just spent my time wishing I would feel hopeless, if I think about making a plan I’m optimistic.

This weekend take some time to yourself and think about the things you wish for yourself and those around you. What are the things you wish for when you throw a coin in a fountain or you see a shooting star? Maybe it’s a better job, relief for a health problem or even a newer car. Instead of wishing what could the first steps be for getting there? Maybe it’s still a long road but it’s better to spend your mental energy on the first step than just the destination!

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