Weekend Motivation 64

I know that lots of people out there see social media posts, videos and stories of people doing crazy things like running marathons, spartan races and triathlons. Most of those people sit there and say I could never do that. I’m sorry but that’s just plain stupid. The very fact that someone else did it means you could too. If you’re an avid exerciser you already know people will say I could never do that to stuff they could literally do next month like a 5k or even run a whole km. No one says you’ll be a sub-three marathoner, qualify for the olympics or break any world records but you can for sure at least complete the distance. I like to thing of the extreme examples like the Tarahumara people of Mexico. They all run hundreds of miles without stopping even into their 70’s and 80’s. There are even Tarahumaran runners that can do 400 miles at a time. If they can do that you can run a marathon but no one says it’ll always be easy!

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