Weekend Motivation 65


So many people exercise in order to reach a certain destination. Not to be as healthy and energetic as possible but things like be a size 6, have a ‘perfect’ body or see a certain number on the scale. Others do it to get Gwen’s abs, Michelle Obama’s arms or Fergie’s legs. The thing is following some silly celebrity workout routine you found in a magazine somewhere might be their perfect process or their publicist’s but chances are about 100% it’s not yours. One you won’t stick with it if you don’t love it (even if it’s taped to the fridge) and two it’s only going to make you feel bad about yourself. There must be at least 100 options for you to find the perfect one or combination just for you. So this weekend if you’ve found yours enjoy it a little extra while your out there and celebrate. If you haven’t why not try something new? You might surprise yourself! 

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