Weekend Motivation 76

On the heels of valentines day, I thought I might share a picture I’d taken of a rose. No, it’s not one I got yesterday but rather one I bought for honey a couple of weeks ago for honey. It’s not perfect, in fact, it was so not perfect it was half off but it’s still pretty beautiful. Leading up to valentines which you get a bit nauseated with all the red love messaging and keep hearing that it’s just a silly made-up holiday designed to liberate you from your money. That’s probably a bit true but there are worse reasons to celebrate than love. Our day wasn’t perfectly planned, and I did have to skip out for a few hours to teach but we did have a great valentines day! We really didn’t do anything special really other than participating in a heart-shaped pizza community fundraising initiative and playing some backgammon. It was special though since it’s a day that’s pretty hard not to be grateful on if you’ve been lucky in love.

On years I wasn’t quite so lucky in the love department I wish I would have thrown my own love in for something I was passionate about whether I was any good at it or not. Something like running, sewing, baking or just settling in with a warm blanket, hot tea, and a good book. The idea got me thinking though lots of the things I’m not perfect at are what I’m most passionate about and I spend lots of time and energy at them. Sometimes there’s a wonky stitch in my knitting, a missing ingredient in a dish and just like everyone else my relationship isn’t perfect either. When people ask me “what’s the point in racing and training if you know you won’t win?” I would say you’re missing the point if you’re even asking that. Nothing says you have to win or even excel at one of your hobbies as long as it feeds your passions. Personally, I would much rather spend my time at something I’m not all that great at that I love than something I’m gifted at that I hate!

So no matter your love life situation take some time this holiday weekend (a long one in most of Canada) to do something you’re passionate about and celebrate the love in that!

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