Weekend Motivation 77

Most of us have a challenge or obstacle we want to tackle if we’re in the very wide fitness and health world at all. It could be something like tackling a race of a new distance like a marathon or ultra but it could be to run a mile without stopping or get out there 3 times a week. It might be to lose a huge amount of weight or just those last 10 pounds. No matter what challenge you’re taking on it starts with a first step or that the most important step is the first one. That all could be true but I made a subtle change to that one and that is make your first step a big one!

That first step is necessary and important for sure but try as hard as you can to make it a definitive one. So hire a run coach to tackle the marathon, get a diet plan from a nutritionist or buy that road bike for your triathlon dreams. Your first step doesn’t have to cost money but… if it does well you are in fact putting your money where your mouth is. Some other ideas are doing a long social media post outlining your goals for everyone to know, posting a before picture or taking the time to schedule all those runs in your phone three months out. Spring training season might be starting for you right about now or if not very soon. So while you’re out there this weekend find a way to make your first step this year a big one!

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