Weekend Motivation 78

It’s almost spring training season! Or maybe if you don’t live in the great white frozen north (this week) it already is for you. For the first time in three years, I’m not really sure what I’m doing this year. Usually, I have a pretty good idea what’s up next year as early as the fall but by new years for sure. I thought it might come to me almost like a fitness vision thing but a much as I prayed to my fitness tracker I still find myself with no goals! I’ve been swimming almost every week working on my Adam Ocean Walker-esque technique almost every week so maybe a sprint. Last year’s PEI 10k put that PR in my head or maybe finally a marathon? Though on that last one I feel like I need to really want it before I take that on!

I’m a little type A and would have guessed that this exact situation would have freaked me out, but I’m weirdly calm about it. Part of that is that I did so much on the bucket list last year I think. I shot my first wedding, paddled for groceries and did an Olympic tri. I want to volunteer this year for the first time potentially as a hill runner/cheerer at Bluenose but registration isn’t open for volunteers yet. But I’m still finding a way to make everyday count by upping my mileage and cycling speed work back in starting this week. I might even do some long runs because well, old habits die hard. That and part of me is like ‘then you’ll be ready…’ For what? I don’t know yet but who knows what this season will bring. So whether you know exactly what this season will bring down to each workout or it’s still a series of wide-open possibilities make sure you take some time this weekend to reflect on what it means for you!

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