Weekend Motivation 84

Something about this picture really channeled the great possibilities that happen when you dare to be different and stand alone. I’m not sure what the story on this house was or when it was built but I’m pretty sure it would make both the building inspector’s and insurance adjuster’s head spin. How cool is it to be perched on the edge of the ocean like that though? Notice the swim ladder off the deck for a dip at high tide. That idea got me thinking about what it’s like to stand alone and be different. Sure there’s deeper harder stuff and I firmly believe that you have to think long and hard about what you believe in BEFORE you find yourself in a particular situation.

But that’s not what we’re here about today, today it’s all about doing something big on your own. For me running and biking and really swimming, paddling and yoga is an alone thing and I’m cool with that. I do run with people for time to time and am pretty happy to do a c25k with pretty much anyone at anytime. For a long, long time I never really signed up for a race I didn’t have to do and even that was a long, long time ago. I don’t think I was afraid to do it on my own exactly but rather it seemed like a lot without some sort of guide. If anything it was the navigating the unknowns all at once. It was intimidating from start to finish signing up, lining up and even racing. But it also wasn’t that bad, it was easy to navigate, people were happy to explain things to me and ummm the internet. It might very well seem crazy to some to take on a big challenge like that or something else entirely all on your own with no help at all. The reality often is as nervous as it might make you feel that’s really no reason at all not to do something. Dare to have the confidence in yourself to follow that dream all on your own. So this weekend while you’re out there either think back to something big you did without help or something you want to do. You got this all on your own!

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