Weekend Motivation 91

During a given training cycle things can get hard. You might even be expecting it to get tough in certain ways. The ways it actually gets hard though there is no shortage of ways that might spring up and surprise you. Last summer I re-did a training plan for a long race and I once again expected the milage to get to me physically and the monotony to set in eventually. The milage was fine this time and yes it was monotonous but a refreshed playlist helped a lot. What I wasn’t expecting was blisters, let’s just say chaffing and keep it at that. No matter how experienced you are something will pop up that makes this cycle a unique sort of tough. It could be injury, weather, sickness or something you never even though of might become an issue.

Over the years I’ve realized that there is a lot of noise out there in the fitness world. Before and after pictures, 10 tips to loose belly fat now and never eat these foods for fat loss are just pointless noise and I’m sorry but nothing is that easy. There are going to be hard days and a lot of hard work along the way and don’t trust anyone that’s trying to tell you otherwise. Well unless they are encouraging you to try, then it’s understandable, ha ha ha. Accomplishing a big goal just isn’t that easy but it’s so, so worth it.

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