Weekend Motivation 92

One year is nothing, if you’re really lucky it will be about 1% of your whole life. But if you take a whole year, put your head down and decide to give your all to making some changes you really can accomplish almost anything. A year is enough to run your first half marathon, loose the weight and reverse your diabetes, upgrade and get into a professional program, leave a crappy relationship, make new friends, find a job you love or work out a personal problem that’s been holding you back. You could quit smoking, drinking, eating the wrong foods, wasting all of your time or talking crap to yourself. If you took a year to get your finances in order, move house or reconnect with friends how much better would you feel at the end of that year?

All of those things are hard, scary, anxiety producing and or potentially unpleasant. Getting started might even suck a little bit but imagine where you could be a year from out if you started now. What does this summer look like for you? Do you want the next one to look different? Imagine if you took one year to REALLY do all the work on yourself that you need to do. Sure you might have to skip some stuff you’re used to like sleeping in, chillin’, some time with friends but it’s just a year right? It might seem selfish to put yourself first like that but at the end of the process there will be a better person to give back to people. In the end everybody wins! If you’re someone who needs to make some big changes to get your life right start now and you’ll start reaping the rewards long before the year is out!

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