Weekend Motivation 95

Yeah, I do mean this to work on a few different levels. Literally the road you’re on and the life road that you’re on. But let’s talk about literal roads today. I’m pretty lucky to live in a place where it’s hard to pick a bad road for running, there are stunning vistas like this everywhere, just check out my Instagram feed! But the road you’re on can do a lot to improve your workout too. Throw in a road with some hills and you’ll get faster, one with soft shoulders and you’ll avoid injuries and one with pretty surroundings you’ll actually love running more.

I’m a creature of habit especially when I’m training for a big race. I take comfort in going just a bit further on the same road over and over again. So sometimes the right road can be the one you love the best. I have a couple of more flexible weeks coming up very soon where I can fill my time as I see fit. While I’m not the busiest person on earth and I still have to do some work, that freedom a rarity for me and I don’t want to waste it. Along those lines I plan on sometimes hopping in my car so I can run in a new spot when I feel like it.

Weekend runs this time of year are very likely to be training runs so make sure you pick the right road this weekend. Whether you’re looking for inspiration, improvements or motivation it can make all the difference.

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