Half Marathon Training Update 2: Flats and Hills

This week was a really different week for me. Honey was away for most of it as he was the week before too. We spend a lot of time together like most couples and then extra work time together too. It’s a lot, sometimes a lot, a lot. I joke, mostly but since I moved in 6 years ago we’ve never spent 12 days apart before. I wasn’t worried about that at all and surprise even though I missed him I was totally fine. I made a list of 17 what turned out to be huge things I wanted to get done and even though I worked at the list roughly 15 hours a day I only got 9 of them done. I was in complete control of my schedule which was so nice but could we have that again for peak week please! Long story short it was pretty easy to fit in training this week but there were a few curve balls too. Isn’t there always? Here’s how bare minimum half training went this week. Also this week I dropped off my road bike for repairs and creeped the registration pages real hard. 

Tuesday: 10k mountain bike ride it was supposed to be 20 but I blew a tube. It wouldn’t take any air at all and I was 9 km from home so I called my mom for a pick-up. My tubes were about 4 years old on that bike so I was probably due for an issue. The tube ended up having a good tear in it. Remember those life skills that triathlon taught me least year I got the tire off by myself and picked up a new tube a few days later.

Wednesday: What bitch put HILL INTERVAL repeats on day one of this plan? Or right me! I drove to this perfect running hill that I guesstimated at 1 km. It’s actually a highway access point for a new exit that was very controversial at the time. Everything here sort of is, people sometimes fear change around here. But it is a perfect running hill steep enough but with a bit of a leveling off in the middle for a break. That meant three times up and down the hill but guess what it was more like 2 km, so I only had to go twice. It was great running back to the truck so I could fill up my water bottle in the heat. Good first day sign I kept up my recent hard training speed even with the hill. So pretty proud of that.

Sunday: Week one and I’m already off schedule and dragging runs into next week! That’s totally normal and okay actually especially early in training where runs are shorter and easier to manage. When completing a training plan you have to be a little flexible because you know, life! Honey has been away for a couple of weeks now and he was home this weekend, yeah!!! We also decided to go last minute to family supper and we had a lot of catching up to do with each other and life stuff. This plan has a run on Saturday and Sunday with that one being a long run. Saturday was totally devoted to family so I got up uber early on Sunday and got my 8k ‘long’ run in since it’s still a morning manageable distance for me. Did end up having a nap after though and that rocked! It was nice to have an excuse to go ever so slow again for the first time since last year.

Monday: I forgot I had to run Monday night when were were out to dinner and looking at the menu. So I ordered I giant plate with all the fixings like mashed potatoes, vegetables and then bummed some of honey’s garlic bread. If I over eat and then run it usually causes a side stitch for me. If I had been thinking I would have had a small appetizer and ordered my entree to go but I was not. It was only 4k but I didn’t get a stitch, so that was exciting. I also didn’t fix my bike tire when I got home so at least I have a life plan for tomorrow! Week one done!

Next week I’ll let you all know how this week’s training went and post in the comments if you’re doing you’re 1/2 or full or whatever training along with me! You can download my bare minimum 1/2 marathon training plan here!

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