Boston Virtual Marathon Training Update: Week 3 of 20

This week may be the point I look back on later in training that led me to thinking this would be easy. I worked 58 hours for myself, about 5 for honey and 5 more tutoring. I also got all my runs in pretty effortlessly. Well mostly effortlessly but pretty easily at least. I’m loving the stability of sticking to my training schedule days of the week. I only did my physio once this week, not the right choice so I’m feeling it a bit now after my long run. Which brings me to starting to think a bit about race day. I got to meet a bit of a local legend in the running world here this week and as a humble runner I didn’t realize who he was until after the fact. He suggested running 10k in and out so I could stay close to home. That makes good sense but… I’m not sure I’m here for that. I had/have been planning to run the whole thing as one in and out. Just in case that’s what I decide to do I’m going to run all of those kilometers on that route beforehand. That started this weekend just because it was a bit more convenient but I still think its a good idea. So this is how my week of running went!

Tuesday 5k: I got up and got out there early in the morning to beat the heat on Tuesday and headed out at dawn. Okay, my cat got me up that early! I went downstairs in my shortest shorts and tiniest tops and thankfully glanced at the weather station display. Right after I went back upstairs to change into something warmer. This one felt fine and I got to see a whole new crop of peeps that I affectionately call the 6am crowd!

Wednesday 5k: I actually love running in the heat an humidity because I’m a weirdo. I really have no problems up until 29 c (85 f) even with a a higher feels like temperature. I do make it a point to drink lots of water and run in just a bra. That happens after a few ‘hot’ runs under my belt in the season. It takes a few to get totally okay with the heat every year. We had a heat warning this week (and a frost warning right after that). So Wednesday’s run was one of those acclimatizing runs. It felt pretty hot at 25 c. If you’re dealing with the first few hot runs of the year or are about to, just give up your goals for pace and embrace the walk break. For now getting used to summer is enough!

Friday 5k: I went running after work and before dinner, that’s pretty much it. Oh I overdressed a little. I went for super light capris which were fine but a very warm top which was not. It was just an okay run.

Sunday 11k: This weekend was busy and Saturday and Sunday were about the same schedule. I had my helper with me both days and had to teach in the evening. But after 14 days I was due for a bit of a work break. Did not feel guilty about that at all! So instead of getting up at dawn, which is pretty early now, I decided to skip out on work for a few hours later in the day. Also it was very cool in the morning but warm in the day so waiting a few hours means that I could be comfortable in one outfit the whole time. One of the main reasons I hired someone this year was just for moments like this. So I worked for an hour or so, got her and me all set up for the rest of the day, then changed in the bushes and took off for over an hour. Feeling free I decided to take my running picture near another customer’s house where I’ve wanted to take a picture like this for literally years. It was awesome! The actually running was okay. Though a pretty warm day a stiff breeze off the water kept me totally cool. Both of my knees popped up over the run to say hello and the end did come soon enough but it was pretty good overall. I was re-reading my stuff from previous halfs and it seems like I’ve always had runs that are a bit tougher in the low teens. So even though this run definitely didn’t make me feel marathon ready I sort of expect the next few to lack that quality too.

For a busy week I’m pretty happy with how running went this week. But I am a bit late with this post… You can check out the plan I’m using here. Are you training for a marathon this year? How is your training going so far? Leave it in the comments below!

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